Pearled Candle 18 Oz - Misty Monte Sandalwood Jasmine Scented Non Toxic Luxury Long Lasting Powder Candles

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  • Endless Design Possibilities - Pour Foton pearls into any suitable container to turn it into a candle. Get crafty with our generous stash of 30 premium candle wicks for candle making, ensuring your foton pearled candle's style always matches the season and your mood.
  • The Natural Choice - Experience the pinnacle of clean-burning candles with gently scented pearled candles, offering a natural, minimalist flame that’s kind to your senses and the planet.
  • New Every Time - Instead of candles that get uglier with each use, our refreshable candle sand powder provides a unique, reshapeable candle experience that lets your candles look brand new every time you light them. Just replace the wick to refresh your pearled candle!
  • Long-Lasting Flame - Our pearled candles offer up to 120 hours of burn time and burn slower than traditional candles. Relight the same wick - they'll last around 12 hours each - or replace the wick to refresh your candle. Keep in mind the total burn time varies based on how the candle is used (one or more wicks used at a time, relighting vs. refreshing the candle etc).
  • Clean-Burning Glow - The foton candle is not just a source of light but a statement of eco-intent; non-toxic, plant-based, and exquisitely crafted for the conscious consumer.

Product Description

Foton Pearled Candle: Decorate like a Pro

Turn any container into a unique decoration with patent-pending candle pearls that help you decorate like a pro while reducing waste.

Endlessly Customizable Elegance

Imagine a candle that adapts to your every mood, aesthetic, and occasion. Pearled candles do just that! Our gently scented candles offer a customizable pearled design and scents that are not strong or overwhelming. The included 30 wicks and pearl-like plant-based wax beads can turn almost any container into a unique candle to fit your aesthetic. This is not just a candle; it's a personal touch of ambiance, perfect for those who cherish individuality and style in their relaxation rituals, all while ensuring a clean burn for a healthier home environment.

Enjoy with a Peace of Mind

Embrace a greener glow with our innovative organic candles, where plant-based wax pearls transform almost any vessel into an clean tech decoration. Use our organic candle beads to refill your old candle jars or containers you already have to reduce your carbon footprint. Our vegan candles are meticulously crafted to take the shape of any container, letting you get creative with this stylish approach to sustainable living. Embrace the beauty of adaptability and environmental stewardship with each flicker of our pearled candles.

New Every Time

Transform your space with our unique candles, a game-changing pearled design that offers a fresh experience with each use. Unlike normal candles that get uglier with each use, simply replace the wick to refresh your pearled candle. With our refillable pearled candles, each lighting is a novel celebration, illuminating your surroundings with a gentle, clean burn that can provide up to 120 hours of consistent glow. Indulge in the charm of creating a distinctive atmosphere, whether for quiet evenings or festive gatherings, with a candle that's reborn each time you light it.

Long-Lasting Glow

Savor the luminescence of our long lasting candles, designed for unique home decor that's made to last. Each candle bead is a testament to enduring light, with up to 120 hours of burn time in every box, complemented by 30 premium wicks to let you get creative and refresh your candle as often as you'd like. Relight the same wick until it lasts, or replace the wick each time to refresh your candle. Crafted for those who cherish moments that last, our natural candle pearls epitomize sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Paws & Relax Ambiance

Transform your home into a pet-friendly paradise with our non-toxic candles that self-extinguish if accidentally knocked over. Our plant-based formulation and gentle candle scents burn with minimal smoke or soot, ensuring a serene glow that's as gentle on the environment as it is on sensitive whiskers and noses. Embrace a pure, allergen-free and pet-safe atmosphere with every light.

Ideal Gifting Charm

Elevate the art of gifting with our luxury candles, the epitome of thoughtfulness and elegance. Each candle encapsulates versatility with customizable candle pearls, promising a unique experience. They burn cleanly, ensuring a pure, gently aromatic ambiance. Offering a vast array of scents and a generous burn time, these candles are a delightful indulgence for any recipient. Whether it's a celebration, a quiet moment of relaxation, or for enhancing home aesthetics, our pearled candles are a timeless present that speaks volumes.

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Price $34.99$34.99 $34.99$34.99 $34.99$34.99 $34.99$34.99 $37.99$37.99
Notes Luxurious sandalwood & jasmine Sweet cactus flower & fresh succulents Tropical flowers for relaxing vacation vibes Masculine Perfume Unscented Black
Size 18 Oz 18 Oz 18 Oz 18 Oz 18 Oz
Pet Friendly
Burn Time 120 Hours 120 Hours 120 Hours 120 Hours 120 Hours
Wicks Count 30 Wicks 30 Wicks 30 Wicks 30 Wicks 30 Wicks
Wax Type Plant-Based Plant-Based Plant-Based Plant-Based Plant-Based